Choose an Interesting Goal

January 19, 2019

We all want to run fast, but sometimes it gets boring setting the same old incrementally more ambitious goal every year. That may be fine for the pros, but you are not a pro. You are a whole different beast. People typically go for distance goals or perhaps time goals for a certain distance, but there are better and more interesting goals out there.

Here are a few of my goals and why I like them.

Casually running a marathon: I want my body to be in a place where if I have a relatively free Saturday morning I can just go out and cover 26.2 miles. I feel like I’m already there for the half marathon, so why not the full? When I’m ready I’ll start rolling a six sided die every Saturday. Whenever I get roll a 6, I’ll run a marathon. That will keep things interesting.

Downhill mile: If you’re interested in running fast you’re probably well aware of your fastest mile time. Maybe you’ve even dreamed of breaking the 4 minute barrier. I certainly have. That might be a long shot for you on a track, but running downhill is a great option to hit that goal. It still takes training and probably a specialized kind to train your body for that extra impact, but you’ll be an amateur runner that can run a 4 minute mile. Like I said, a beast. That’s one of my goals too.

Alternative measurement: Weekly milage goals are so boring. I do have a weekly mileage goal which is to peak at 70 miles per week at some point in the year, but that only accounts for ground covered. I’ve heard of people setting fitness goals like lifting 30 tons cumulatively in a year or something like that. How about taking a goal like that for running. Say you run 40 miles per week, at 8 miles per hour for 5 hours of running per week with 52 weeks in the year so 250 running hours multiplied by 140 BPM multiplied by 60 minutes in an hour is 2 million running heartbeats in a year. Or another idea, if you have VO2 measuring equipment handy you might even measure your running in liters of oxygen. Could be interesting.

Only Fast Miles Qualify: Here’s an interesting one I think. Set a lower milage goal for the year or the week or whatever, but disqualify any distance recorded that isn’t fast enough. 10MPH might be a good place for me to start and maybe by the end of the year, I could get a week where I run 20 miles in a week at that pace.

Those in the order want to run fast and we want to break free from conventional running thinking. Let’s take some more interesting goals. Hope this frees your mind a bit.

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