January 17, 2019

Treadmills hold no glory for the runner. The treadmill is where you go when you don’t want to face the cold of winter. The treadmill is where you go for a nice cushy bouncy surface to run on so you don’t need strong joint. You don’t need to be connected with your body on a treadmill because you can put on a program and forget about it. You don’t even need to face the pain your body experiences because you can put on a Netflix drama to distract you.

Treadmills are loud. Treadmills are smelly. Treadmills are usually in a stuffy, dusty gym. The have unwieldy buttons. They’re incredibly dangerous to fall off of! Some treadmills are unpowered. That doesn’t work too well. The experience of being on a treadmill is bad every single time.

Alas, treadmills are an essential tool for the runner. We runners want to run far and fast. We don’t listen to our bodies anymore. We’ve transcended. But sometimes, the only thing I can do during recovery is run a limited distance, for a limited time, on a bouncy awful treadmill.


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